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Next edition of Automatic  Pilot available in print and digital format in January 2020.

Closing date for submissions, 15th December 2019.






Forgive, forget the friendly fire

Frail wrecks of men, a flawed humanity

Shall share the spoils of war eternally

Our ignorance is pardoned by the pyre.

For paranormal prophecies reveal

Our battle not with man or savage beast

Prevail onto delight, the victory feast

Draw back the curtains, purdah of the field.

The sovereignties our foe, defiant gods,

That enemy has sown a mortal flaw

That snares and spoils, fouls us with deceit

Prayer our greatest weapon for the good

They triumph who obey the good Lord's law

From heaven, earth and paradise, relief.




From Brendan Connolly's anthology, The Magpie,

prepared for publication and edited by Brian Bingham,

available: www.amazon.com/author/brendanconnolly