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We who are wounded like second hand shops

hucksters of time, contemplation,

let memory mirror moments of love

merciful hearts and affection.

Night nurse arise, conjure, summon for us

memories strengthen endurance

realms of refuge, shelter, asylum,

roses of counsel, assurance.

Sometimes a handout, sometimes a handshake

smiles and infusion of laughter

trusting to providence all shall be well

deep in the depths there are diamonds

moonlight and starlight banishing fright

reason our lives are not darkness.


From Brendan Connolly's anthology, The Bridle Path,

prepared for publication and edited by Brian Bingham,

available: www.amazon.com/author/brendanconnolly




Next edition of Automatic Pilot available in print and digital format in July 2020.

Closing date for submissions, 15th June 2020.